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Trend Report

Spring/Summer 2022

Finally, finally, finally, in-person shows have returned! 
We headed to Las Vegas Fashion Week to buyand discover
new fashion trends to bring home to the PNW! Here are a few trends we noticed.

Color Saturation:

Colors, colors colors! Yellow, Neon Green and Orange bold solids were all over the place. We decided to go with a few crazy prints and some Neon Green Karma Boots!

All White:

Ok, so let’s jump from colors to just plain white. Well, not “just plain” – we saw white suits, white jeans, jackets, dresses and accessories. For summer, we chose a white jean jacket and a few gauze sundresses.


Florals, bows, ruffles and other Victorian-inspired designs were also in abundance this Spring. Super-feminine looks with balloon sleeves and tassels were what we chose to bring to you. We already carry many florals, so we added to our collection with some cute floral dresses.

Psychedelic Prints:

Say no more! Of course you can always find tie dye and mad prints at The Festival Boutique whether they are on-trend or not. However, it is nice to see mainstream fashion branching out into more optical patterns. This is one of our favorite trends so we purchased A LOT of printed Festie Pants for you.


We did see a lot of this, but we decided to pass on this one. We don’t have enough room in the store to carry everything.


Crop sweaters, mini dresses and flowy pants finish out the summer trends this season. Crochet was in abundance, and as always, The Festival Boutique carries summer crochet halters and bralettes regardless of trend!

We had a great experience, learned many things and are excited for
our new purchases to arrive so we can share them with you!